Got a long way to go but at least I have not went up. I am going to continue to eat clean and get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. My goals and dreams will be accomplished before the end of the year:)

Love wins in the end…

You may win the battle but you’ll never win the war….what does that look like? I am glad you asked:)

-Family falling apart
-A wife that made sure she had an “insurance baby” but will not let you touch her now(everyone knows how that works)
-Completely loss of respect for your party (love those family values)
-inspired a whole generation to wake up and come at you hard until they show you that in the end common sense and love wins every time.
-Your supporters have to literally act oblivious and stand up on Sunday and talk about Jesus knowing that they are supporting the antithesis of what Jesus lives and died for.
-We have a divided country that is supposed to live by “United We Stand”
-you and your supporters have to stand under the false premise of making America great when America is already great because you guys are scared about the fact that women and minorities will be a part of the ruling class in less than 30 years.
-and now you have to stand on the fact that literally you did not win this election alone, you had help from Russia and you know it.

Love Wins Every Single Time

We really are becoming the “United” States of America because we are united against stupidity and those that do not stand with us against stupidity will be just like the other people in the past who in the end lost the war!

Systems reduce stress

I will share an acronym that I got at a later date from somebody that I really respect but right now I would like to get this post out just to address how work can affect a persons weight loss goal.   As a entrepreneur there’s a lot that I deal with on a daily that pertains to my customers, keeping my customers happy and building a successful business. Today I decided to look closer at my paperwork and look closer at the loosely held systems that I’ve implemented to make sure that customer service wise nothing falls between the cracks. To say that I have failed at this is a understatement. I started to look at my calendar and look at my QuickBooks  and realized very quickly that I have failed as a business owner because of my disdain for paperwork.  There are simple things that I do on a daily basis as a sales person that I know work and I know when those things are not done they affect our bottom line. I am committing to myself right now to be more disciplined with paperwork. I am blessed to have great people in the field and we do a great job however internally there are some things that I need to work on as a business owner to make sure my paperwork is straight and that is something that I have failed to do. I am recommitting deal with this because I know long-term that helps the company overall. Now how does this have anything to do with my weight loss goals?   I noticed that when I’m stressed I eat and some of the things that stress me out is being unrganized and when our call volume is not where it should be.  The thing that helps me with this stress is becoming more organized and making sure I follow up with customers and do the type of marketing that I need to do to make sure our call volume stays where it should be and continues to grow. The reason why I do this blog is to put out there what works for me and to help someone else as I keep myself accountable. So this is what I am going to do as a business person which will help me with my company which will in turn help me with my stress and in turn will help me with my weight loss:

I will make sure follow up calls are done.

I will organize my paperwork.

I will personally follow up with my team more often.

I will implement systems.

I will be more disciplined in my day to day operations.

I will read my goals morning and evening and if I am doing something that is not in line with my goals I will correct my behavior.

I will make a workable budget.

I will surround myself with like-minded and goal minded people that are reaching for the top in their own lives and will bring that energy to our organization.

I will continue to learn and grow.

I will add to this list as necessary:)


This feels good

Yes I will be sending my weight update. I will send it Saturday. I am posting my weight once or twice a week because I was becoming obsessive and not taking into account the progress that I have made. Once my mind settles down I will do it more frequently so the you and I can continue to see the daily up and down trend and yet still realize that longterm my weight has been going down and my health is improving:)

I had my salad yesterday and I also had an Arapia