192….lol…not funny

Ok so I have this way of understanding just when God is trying to tell me something…and today is one of those days. I have been eating clean and drinking my water. Cheated Sunday(my sister’s birthday party) but other than that I have been good (food wise) but(drum roll) I have slacked off with working out. I get the best and most consistent results when I work out and eat clean. I am going to have to get medieval:) with this consistency thing. Until I get at least to 170 not more cheating and even then I will only cheat a little because this is something I really want to accomplish. BTW my goal weight is 135. No that is not to skinny as some of my friends have told me. I floated between 119 and 126 from the time I was 19 until I was 29 then I just kinda let loose. I love posting this because it make me take a good look at my progress or lack there of. I will be at Lifetime Athletic today!!! Have a rocking day.

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