It’s been a while however. . .

I must say that being consistent has been a challenge. But it is a challenge that I am totally up for. I have been consistently exercising at least 4 and sometimes 5 days a week. My goal is 6 days a week. I am still eating clean however I did fall off the wagon over the holidays. My weight is 184.5. That does not seem like I have made much progress but for me that is good because I remember on Jan 1, 2013 that I was 204lbs so to be down 20lbs in the laat year is decent because for most of the year I was not focused or consistent with my diet and work out schedule. My goal this year is to be in a size 6 by May 1st. I have some jeans that are a very comfortable 10 so I know my short term goal is doable. By the end of the year I will still be a size 6 however my cardiovascular system will be more up to par and fitness wise I will be leaner and fit. God bless and have a rocking day:)

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