Wow! Fall is here and I am so excited for the challenge

I am actually looking forward to the challenges of the fall season for me and my weight loss journey! The reason it is a challenge is because in the next 2 months there are 3 family birthdays in October, 1 birthday in November followed by Thanksgiving. For most people this may not be a challenge however for me it is because I love food and we always celebrate with food.  I know I will make good choices and I have already made up in my mind that I will enjoy the holidays with my friends and family but I will only choose healthy proteins and veggies and I will only eat half of my desert. I am mentally preparing right now so that I will not fall off of my new healthy lifestyle program.  I must mentally prepare now because in the past I was the type of person that would fall off of my diet and I would use that as an excuse to keep messing up for the following days, weeks and months. But those days are over. I am making good choices because I like the way I feel when I eat clean and healthy foods. I do not want to stuff myself because I like having energy and when I stuff myself my energy goes south. I will rise to the occasion and continue on my journey to healthier, happier, leaner and sexier me!! Rock on!!

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