What is on my mind?

Today I woke up feeling really clear and well rested.  I did a mud race yesterday and I honestly think that what ever issues I was dealing with must have got left in the mud.  I thought that with as much physical activity that I had yesterday that I would wake up feeling stiff but instead I woke up feeling refreshed.  There must be something to this exercise thing:)  Usually when I wake up I immediately start to think of my things to do but today I just woke up feeling happy and grateful. Nothing was weighing on my mind.  Let me rephrase that…the only thing on my mind was “the good” in my life.  The bad still needs to be dealt with however I can deal with it with out it being on the forefront of my mind.  I will continue to make the right choices and adjust my attitude about the things that I may not be able to change right now.  So as of now I will quote my husband “Nothing is on my mind.”

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