Kids and Music; )

I was so proud of my daughters today


I was on not paying attention to what was on the radio and some vulgar hip hop song came on and my daughter’s screamed in unison “turn that off!” I was proud because at the age of 8 and 10 they are aware of what is not appropriate for their ears and their mind. How did that happen….well for as long as I can remember I would change the channel or turn the tv off if something was vulgar or inappropriate for thier age came on. When they asked me why I would say because “that is not good for your brain.” Now they monitor themselves and they generally do not like most of the mainstream crap that is on tv and radio. It amazes me that people do not realize that the very “artist” that put out misogynistic and vulgar music, movies and videos live in affluent neighborhoods where their kids live by rules, regulations, discipline,  love and consistent proper guidance.  Their kids are not allowed to look or listen to the “stuff” they put out as entertainment.  Their kids go to some of the finest schools and are involved in activities that nurture the mind and spirit.  Their kids are not sitting in front of a tv for hours, eating unhealthy foods and  dreaming of being the next video vixen or basketball player.  I know there are exceptions however let’s look at the big picture.  I hope there comes a day when we as parents will demand that our airwaves are safer for children.  Yes I know I can change the channel and I usually do however it is amazing what is allowed to be played on “urban” radio and what is absolutely not accepted on “other” radio stations….just saying….Have a rocking day:)


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