Back At It Again!

Today I ate clean except for the cornbread muffin at Sweet Tomatoe.  I did a very minor amount of yoga today with my 8 year old daughter.  I had to meet someone late in the evening today and my mind was telling me that I needed to stop for a chocolate croissant but my willpower said no.  For dinner I sauteed kale and cabbage with a little bit of sweet peppers added in for flavor and I ate it with a little brown rice and black beans.  Once again this is not a New Year’s resolution it is a continuation of a lifestyle that I am choosing to have even though I have fallen off the wagon several times.  My prayer is that one day I will have nothing to write about as far as weight is concerned because I will have lost all of my weight.  Also I’m looking forward to getting back to my Lifetime Dance Jam classes this week. Until then ROCK ON:)

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