Peace Peace Peace

It is frustrating to think that you have peace and that you are comfortable making tough decisions and moving through difficult times and then all of a sudden you have a panic attack or something like a panic attack and your mind goes blank. That is my reality right now. I am so blessed however I am facing some very difficult challenges right now. I am mentioning this because I have had several people ask me how do I keep doing it….how do I overcome obstacles and still stay positive. The reality for me right now is that I am not very positive so instead of being negative I am allowing my mind to be blank until I feel better. If a  negative thought creeps in I try to release it immediately.  If a negative emotion overwhelms me I try to remember what I have to be thankful for. There are no magic pills or formulas, assuming there is not a legitimate mental or emotional problem, then I always tell people “this to shall pass.” I do not have a answer to my challenges yet but I do have a solution for my negative state of mind:

-Release negative thoughts
-Eat clean
-Listen to positive people i.e friends,  videos, other media and spiritual guides
-Love on your loved ones and expect a positive solution:)

Rock On!

What do you do to stay positive when circumstances aren’t so great?

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