Yesterday Yesterday Yesterday…Gone

My goal is to write something positive and insightful everyday and yesterday I missed that opportunity.  I have always liked to write but I always felt that I had to be a big time famous person or I felt I needed to be someone that invented something that changed the world until I read an article about a famous writer and she said “writers write.” For some reason that struck a chord in me and I decided to just write because I enjoy it and it makes me feel free. I mention “yesterday” because along with writing I like to help people by sharing my ups and downs. Yesterday was a missed opportunity, I was supposed to do something and I didn’t. I can not get that time back. I thought about writing yesterday but then I got “busy.” I know from experience that when a thought crosses your mind it is usually for a reason. Especially a thought that is in line with your goals. Therefore if my goal is to write daily then I must write daily regardless of how “busy” I am.  I believe this traslates to other areas in life i.e. working out, spending time with loved ones, practicing an instrument,  sales or just being more organized.  We have to do it today because eventually today will be yesterday……

Have a rocking day:)


I just thought this was beautiful

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