I will not buy my own excuses!

It is so true that usually what you seek you will find.  That is especially true with excuses. I am in a situation where I have 2 main goals in my life which is to loose weight and become debt free. Now I know that is a goal for many people but looking at statistics, most people do not achieve their goals.  One of the main reason is because people buy their own excuses.

I am in a very challenging situation right now and I could really lean on some excuses right now. However I will not lean on excuses. I will continue to work hard, pray, refocus, dream big, pay attention to the details, organize and better myself any way that I can. Btw…I worked out today even though I did not feel like it.

Here are some excuses I could use but I refuse to use excuses:)

Weight excuses:

My mom is overweight (hereditary)
I don’t have time to eat clean
I don’t have time to work out
I am over 40
It because of the stress hormone “cortisol” (lol)
I am to tired to prepare healthy choices for the week….


I don’t have time to make a budget
I have to much debt and it is just insurmountable
The economy…
Sales are not what they should be
I am doing the best I can but this it’s just not that busy this time of year

I look forward to a bright beautiful future with no excuses:)

3 thoughts on “I will not buy my own excuses!

  1. If you want to save money and lose weight go to whole foods and buy 1 stick of kerrygold butter and 1 bag of frozen veggies. Cook the veggies for 15 mins add the butter and stir. It will cost you $5 a day + a protein to eat healthy and takes almost no time. It’s been working like a charm like for me when time/money has been tough for the last 7 years!


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