Another thing that works

I know for a fact that if you ignore a negative thought and do what you are supposed to do then in the end you finish with a smile on your face. Fooooor example… I did not feel like going to the gym because some of my business plans did not go as expected and various projects that were supposed to start this weekend are now being pushed to next weekend.  There was not one cell in my body that wanted to go to the gym. What I really wanted to do was go to my favorite bakery and have 2 chocolate croissants with a hazelnut coffee with half and half. Instead I went to the gym! I know going to the gym today does not mean I lost all the weight and all business matters are in order.  However what it does is make it easier next time for my brain to focus on the positive because the negative will not be tolerated and it will not control the decisions I make in moving towards my goals.  Someone once told me that “wherever the head goes the body will follow.” If I make sure that my positive mind has the last say so then I am sure that I will be fine and so will you if you do the same thing:)

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