Beautiful People Beautiful World

Right now at this minute I am witnessing the beauty and the awesomeness of this world we live in. My friend suggested we take our girls ice skating and I thought “sure that sounds like a great idea.” I was not thinking about the fact that I do not like being cold but alas I am here and I am happy. I am not happy because all my “stuff” is fixed. No! The reason I am happy is because I am seeing the truth of my reality.  There are Black, White, Asian, Latino,  Gay, Straight and everything in between enjoying themselves.  They are smiling, laughing,  falling, getting up, slipping and sliding, bumping into each other and yet peaceful enjoying time together.  Many diverse friendship groups all enjoying themselves.  This is the world I choose to live. Yes there are horrible things that happen that we as a society have to live with and work on but as a whole this is an absolutely amazing world, especially when I think of how far we have come(all people). I look with love


at the beautiful people around us and I pray with an open heart for the injustices in the world. I wish much peace, love, tolerance,  education,  empathy and sympathy to the beautiful people in this beautiful world. Rock On!!!

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