Humor…truly a gift


Today I laughed so hard I almost had stomach muscle cramps.  The people that made me laugh so hard were family members.  Many of my family members have great senses of humor. After laughing so hard I thought how ironic it is that people that have some of the most challenging childhoods are sometimes the funniest people.

Not to be too philosophical but I believe humor is a gift. There are some people that are just funny.  It is not always what they say or do.  Sometimes it’s just their perspective on the world that brings laughter.  Sometimes it’s their ability to turn something tragic into something funny.  Sometimes it’s just a word that they can use or a  looke they can give you that makes you laugh.  I have a relative that can just pick up the phone and say the word “yea” and it just makes me crack up.

I think humor is also the ability to look back at your own life and take something that was  unpleasant and turn it into a funny memory.  For example….most people might be mortified if they were at a restaurant(in public) at 12, 13 or 14 years old and their mom reached over the table and took a chicken bone off someones plate that had almost microscopic pieces of meat on it and start to suck and chew on it until they got to the so called good part…the that even a word….all while telling everyone there including your friends “yall don’t know how to eat chicken.” For some reason, looking back, that was funny to me. I have so many instances where I look back and should be heartbroken,  mad, embarrassed or sad bur all I can do is laugh. That is a gift. Laughter is a gift.  Humor is a gift:)

I love my lif, but right now there are some not so funny situations I am dealing with but God’s grace, hard work, determination and the gift of humor will get me through. 

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