It time to stop….only for a little while


My daughter holding a snake. I took time off to go on a school trip with her:)

I know stopping right now may not seem like a good idea, but believe me it will be worth it.  I am not talking about quitting.  I am talking about taking a minute to breath and breath deeply.  I mean taking a weekend to spend time with friends and family when everything in you keeps saying….”go, go, go and keep going.”

This weekend I took time to hang out with friends and family and I am glad I did.  For a few minutes I felt guilty because I have so much to do, but in reality I did not have a lot to do physically.  I have a lot to do mentally.  I have problems to solve, deadlines to meet, bills to pay and projects to start.  The problem I was having is that I have so much to do and I was feeling really overwhelmed. 

The weekend is almost over and I still have to do everything I mentioned however the anxiety is gone and I feel like my brain is rested. Lol.  WE HAVE TO STOP!  Stop to think,  pray, meditate or just breath.  Sometimes I just need to acknowledge that the problems are there and I just don’t have the answers yet.  It is ok to not have the answers.   I can not tell you how many times in the past that I did not have the answers but then something will happen or an idea will just pop into my head.  This usually happens after I stop trying so hard.  But it is a funny dance that I have with the universe.  It seems that I have to give it my all at first and then get frustrated at not getting all the results I wanted and then I mentally and emotionally surrender and “voilà” the answer or solution shows up.  I have an idea…why don’t I just give it my all and the skip over being frustrated and be patient and wait for the answer or solution.  You know what….I think I will do that right now:) Have a rocking week!

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