There are some people that are just good at it!


I am not one of those people yet and that is ok. When I say “those people” I am talking about people that are good at things that are difficult for me.  For example there are people that love to work out and they do it daily because it is a habit and they love doing it.  I am talking about people that manage their money well and keep track of every dime and they have never EVER bounced a check.  I am talking about people that create fun and interesting games and activities for their kids and every other kid in the neighborhood with very little effort and they enjoy it.  I am talking about people that can see something on Pinterest and can duplicate it exactly.  I am talking about people that walk into a room and can conversate with anyone effortlessly.  I am talking about people that understand all the “grown up big words” that I should know pertaining to finance and business.

Why am I ok with not being one of those people?  I am ok with that because I have learned to love me and to understand that there are things that I am good at that may not seem to impressive but in a pinch usually comes in real handy. For example I like to find the best in a person and compliment and admire them for it, which usually brings a smile to their face.  I can walk into a tense situation and still find peace. I can walk into chaos and find a way to bring order or deligate someone to take charge and bring order.  When taking care of a group of children I am usually the person that the so called “difficult” child gravitates towards and by the end of the day he/she will be one of the most well behaved children in the group and have a smile on his/hers face.  I also have a never quit attitude and even though sometimes I cry…I wont give up:)  I am also ok with not being good at “it” because I have learned that if it is something I really want to do I will learn to be good at it or I will pay someone to be good at it for me…that usually works on everything with the exception of working out.  Lol! So be happy with you regardless of what you are or are not good at.  I still try to do better at the things I am not good.  However, I have found that it is far more productive to focus and work on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Do you!

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