I haven’t wrote in a while….


I haven’t wrote in a while….why?…because I did not have that feeling that inspires me to write.  I am usually inspired to write when I am feeling good, or when I am feeling sad, or when I am feeling powerful,  or when I am feeling frustrated and when I am feeling loved.  What has went through my mind over the last few minutes, as I sit here at the vets with Cody, is that I have felt all these things over the last few months so why haven’t I wrote. This thought brings me back to why did I start to write in the first place.

I started to write because I like helping people.  I have always felt that since I have been through so much that helping and inspiring people helps my journey to not be in vain. In other words if I can help and inspire people then my pains and victories actually have a purpose.  So why stop writing??

I try not to watch the news but it seems the last few months we have been bombarded with hate, violence,  racial issues and lack of concern for others. I must admit that while watching the news and listening to negative commentary that I was going through some wonderful and at times challenging events but it seemed like such miniature events compared to what is going on in the world. This left me with the feeling that it doesn’t matter what I post or write about that it will always be drowned out by negatives. 

Then MY reality kicked in. I am sitting here at the vet with my little Cody.  He is trying to lick my hand to make me rub his belly. My daughters are at a great school  and enjoying their day. I have made some wonderful friends over the years. I have an amazing husband.  The vet is so nice and she really cares about the animals she serves. It is beautiful outside.  I am healthy and I worked out this morning.  Life is good. What I say and what you say matters.  We are the reality. Good always outweighs the bad but because I had inadvertently allowed my brain to pick up on some of the horrible events over the past few months I somehow lost my voice. I love to write….even if I don’t write well or professionally.  I love to write because if someone does see it maybe it will make them think. I love to write because even if no one sees it I am still putting my energy out in the world and that is a pretty cool thing. I have something to say and so do you:) Share your light with the world!  It is a beautiful place.

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