If your guy wins…..this is what will happen!

NOTHING… yes I know you’re hanging your hopes on one guy that’s going to make America great again but let me explain something to you America is already great. And since you’re so scared let me help you get a vision of your future if this guy wins.

You will still have to give that fake smile and wave as you pass that nice interacial couple in your neighborhood.

You will still have to stand behind the gay couple at Starbucks.

You will still have that Black woman with more education than you can shake a stick at in a supervisory position in your company.

You will still have a Latino business man move into the house you always dreamed of owning.

You will still have to watch in awe as that gay couple gets married on the beach.

You will still have a national debt that may not be resolved in our lifetime.

You will still have to watch with your lip turned up as young lady in your family has to make a hard choice with her body (and you have no sayso what so ever over her choice. Period).

You will still watch as more people will choose to be true followers of Christ as opposed to hiding behind a label just so they can justify hate speech.

You will still have to watch Black, White, Red, Yellow, LBGT, Jew, Christian, Buddist, Athiest and whoever else come together to make this a more inclusive nation.

You will still have to watch people protest how they see fit.

You will still not make any more money unless you learn to think and do things differently.

You will still have to ponder how it is that you have reached the top of the success ladder only to find out you still have to deal with “those people.”

You will have to sit back and watch your candidate backtrack on everything he said to get your vote because you are nothing but a pawn in his game(but you feel really good right now dont’t cha…lol) and he has a different agenda that does not include you.

You will still have to watch as so called “illegal” immigrants obtain some type of legal status in this country because they are an integral part of what makes America so great.

You will still have to sit back and use a liberal platform (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) to spew your hate because usually scared hate filled people don’t usually create opportunities to bring diverse groups of people together even though they may be good at running a company in some other arena.

You will still have to sit there as someone finally schools you on the root cause of so many issues that plague our urban communites. You will also learn how many rural communities are also dealing with many complex and devastating issues( that are not publicized in the media)

And finally….

You will still have to look in the mirror one day and realize that you are your biggest problem….not “them.”

Btw…. if you never come to that realization it’s okay because there are a lot of people that died ignorant.






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