Ahhh…this is where I caught myself

I had a really small breakfast meeting just have a protein shake with some Spanish senate and only had had to half a glass of it because I was running late. So by the time lunch time came I was starving and sure enough, I already have weak willpower when it comes to food, I went to my favorite Indian restaurant and I had all kind of curries, sauces, yummy food and naan bread. So in order to fix this I’m gonna make sure that I have a good healthy breakfast with a little more protein so I won’t be starving by lunch time. Awesome for the rest of the day I’m gonna make sure I lots of veggies at dinner and if I’m ready to snack I’ll have some omens which already have here in the car with me. I’m going to drink lots of water and some green tea. What I am NOT gonna do is go get a laxative or go do something really unhealthy or that exhibits some type of obsessive behavior that I may need to get professional help with…. Nope just plain ole remorse and trying to do better next time.

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