Food…Seek and you will find….

This journey is important to me and I am committed to making good choices regardless of where I am at.

I took my daughters and their friends to Six Flags yesterday and I was dreading lunch because I assumed that all they had was pizza, funnel cakes and hotdogs. However I still made it a point to look for better choices. I actually asked 2 of the people that work there if  they knew of a place where I could get a salad or a veggie burger. Both said they did not but for some reason I felt that there had to be some better choices so I asked another worker if she knew of a place that had better options and she pointed me in the direction of a place that had veggie burgers, salads and fruit cups.  Now I will admit that the options were better choices however they were still low grade compared to what you can get at the grocery store. I felt better because I sought out better choice instead of accepting the old pizza and corn dog routine. When it comes to healthier choices…seek and you will find:)



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