Got Outside

I feel really good this morning. I got up and went for a walk and now I am sitting by my pool listening to my waterfall and reflecting on how blessed I am. I think that sometimes I forget to just stop, breath and be grateful.

Gratitude is so important. Sometimes I lose track of how far I’ve come because I’m looking at where I want to go. I am so grateful for people that have stuck with me, for a healthy family and for overcoming many of life’s adversities. However what I am most grateful for is that there is a higher power that has been with me since day one that refuses to let go of me and encourages me to push forward even when I don’t feel like it. God is ever present in my life and I really need to take more time and reflect on his grace and his mercy. I am so removed from religion however I do believe in a healthy spiritual life and faith in a God that has sustained me through all of life’s up’s and downs. I respect other people’s faith and beliefs and I also know that God is bigger than any manufactured belief system that man has come up with. My prayer is that one day we will all wake up and just be grateful for what is, what was and what shall be. Life is so good even though it may not be perfect. Words are escaping me right now and I believe that is because right now I’m supposed to be in the moment…and then I am suppose to go inside and get my coffee:)

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