Feeling Good

I haven’t wrote in a while. Things are good however things can always get better. I am still on my weightloss journey and building my business. I have noticed that my life has improved in the areas where I am intentional. What that looks like in real life is that I am being very consistent with what I am eating and not eating. I write down a to do list every day which includes items that will specifically help my business, fitness and mindfulness. A typical to do list will look something like this;

To Do

Eat clean

Clean out car

Make 50 calls

Do estimates

Call Mr. Moore

Walk for 30 min

Put 1000 in “xyz” account

Save 20%

Do a social media post

Plan girls night out with the kids

Read 30 minutes

Depending on what is going on that day my list will also include some fires I may need to put out. My goal every day is to solve problems or as I like to say handle my challenges. I like the word challenges better than the word problem because I have a competitive spirit and that word works better for my brain. Also my to do list is hand written because that works better for me however I know people that only do a digital list because that works better for them.

The other thing I have done is cut back on the news because I don’t like the way it makes me feel. Overall I am very careful about what I put in my brain. I generally will have a positive motivational podcast or video playing in my car because I spend so much time in my car and it is a great way to learn and stay focused.

I have to go now but I will have more tips on what I am doing to improve my life tomorrow.

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