The journey….

This journey is amazing however I would not be truthful if I did not admit that sometimes it is scary. I love my life and I love what I do which is why looking back is sometimes hard for me. At some point in my young life I had made a decision to never look back and to move as far away as I could from the demons and trauma in my past. That sounds like a very good strategy however when you get to the point where you realize you’re still running and there’s no need to run it can be very eye-opening. I remember waking up one morning and rushing off to work and then rushing to make phone calls and then rushing to get to customers and then rushing to get my kids and rushing to make sure everything okay. At some point I hit a brick wall mentally and had to realize that I was rushing for no reason and I was running for no reason. I had finally gotten to a point where everything was okay however that is not to say that everything is perfect but it was definitely okay and actually life is better than okay.

I really am enjoying the journey right now.. I take time to relax. I take time to hang out with my family and friends. I look at challenges now as things that will make me stronger and I think at some point in my life I realized that is the best way to look at challenges. But I also think that there were times that I was looking at challenges and feeling like that if I didn’t hurry up and fix things that I would be gobbled up by life. I always want to take care of challenges as quickly as possible but sometimes challenges allow me to become a better me. By looking at challenges this way it is given my life more peace and calm. I also take time to enjoy the fact that life is good and that life is beautiful and not everything has to be about growing my company bigger or making more money. In fact the more I focus on just being happy and doing what I love success just seems to start flowing my way.

My hope is that everyone will get to a point where they enjoy the journey and take action steps to do so. I will say this part of enjoying the journey is learning what I need to do to enjoy the journey. Here’s a list of things that I have decided are the keys to me enjoying my journey in this life:

Time with friends and family

Time alone


No gluten

Less dairy (no dairy)



Walking for 30 min

Watching motivational videos


Learning piano

Learning guitar

Learning something new


A little yoga


Watching cute animal videos for 5 min

Calling an old friend

Reaching out to my senior customers to say hi

Encouraging others

Doing my show

Running my company

Admitting when I am wrong



Stay away from toxic people or things


Sharing my blog with you❤

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