Don’t settle for less…

I absolutely love my life. However I have to admit that part of the reason why my life has turned out the way it has is because I would not settle for less. I remember growing up and realizing that I did not want to live a life filled with turmoil and conflict. Growing up my parents always fought and my dad was always struggling with finances. I made a decision at an early age that when I did get married and have kids that I wanted to make sure that my home was fun and peaceful. Of course every family has its conflicts but I must say that our home is fun and peaceful. My husband is absolutely amazing and he treats me like a Queen. Along the way I did make a lot of mistakes and I have struggled and financially at times but I am never situation where my family had to live in a hotel because of my bad decisions. Even with some of the challenges that we have went through my husband and I have always tried to raise our kids in a certain standard of living that suits us. That is not because we’re better than someone else it’s because we would not settle for less. Good enough is not good enough for me. I want amazing. I want great. I want fabulous. And because I want my life to look that way and feel that way I am willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Sometimes that means turning off the TV. Sometimes that means listening to hours and hours of content that would help me keep my mind in a peak state. Sometimes that means letting go of toxic relationships. And sometimes that means stopping taking a minute and smelling the roses and enjoying the life that God has blessed us with. Sometimes that means sitting still and doing nothing. Whatever it is I need to do I am willing to do so that I do not have to settle for less. If you have dreams and you have goals please pursue those dreams and goals passionately and do not settle for less.


Now is the best time to do it! Sometimes we assume that we can’t pursue our dreams if we don’t have all our ducks in a row. I would like to submit to you that we will achieve our dreams and goals sooner if we start right where we are.What was that look like? Example: If my dream is to buy an apartment complex and yet I do not have the resources (money or credit) to buy one then I can at least start looking at apartment complexes. I sign up for commercial newsletters for companies that sell apartment complexes. I can reach out to property management companies to find get information on managing properties. I can look at the resources and figure out how to position myself to buy one. I can put plans on paper in order to visualize what my goals are. I can audit my talents, skills and abilities to figure out what I can do to make more money. I can run the numbers to create a budget for buying an apartment complex. I can read real estate books, go to auctions and join organizations that are helpful to property owners. The idea is to start moving towards your dreams and goals regardless of where you are right now.Read and consume content that will encourage you to be productive. Start today. Sit down and write out what you want your life to look like. Make you the priority in your life. I have found that it is much easier to achieve my goals when I take care of myself. I am a better business woman, wife and mother when I take take care of myself and focus on my goals.What does focusing on my goals in real life looks like? I now walk 30 minutes a days even if it is at some weird hour of the day. I come home and make phone calls to my clients. I tell my kids “mommy needs 20 minutes of uninterrupted time” and they will (generally) respect that request:). I go to sleep listening to The Science of Getting Rich. I write out my goals every morning and every night.The world needs you. If you have a goal or dream and you achieve it that inspires other people to pursue their goals and dreams. It is becoming increasingly easier to plan out our lives in such a way that we can achieve our hearts desires because there are so many great tools and information out there. But those tools and information don’t mean anything if we don’t use it.My prayer is that you will read this short post in stock right now to start working on your dreams and goals.