Feeling Good

I haven’t wrote in a while. Things are good however things can always get better. I am still on my weightloss journey and building my business. I have noticed that my life has improved in the areas where I am intentional. What that looks like in real life is that I am being very consistent with what I am eating and not eating. I write down a to do list every day which includes items that will specifically help my business, fitness and mindfulness. A typical to do list will look something like this;

To Do

Eat clean

Clean out car

Make 50 calls

Do estimates

Call Mr. Moore

Walk for 30 min

Put 1000 in “xyz” account

Save 20%

Do a social media post

Plan girls night out with the kids

Read 30 minutes

Depending on what is going on that day my list will also include some fires I may need to put out. My goal every day is to solve problems or as I like to say handle my challenges. I like the word challenges better than the word problem because I have a competitive spirit and that word works better for my brain. Also my to do list is hand written because that works better for me however I know people that only do a digital list because that works better for them.

The other thing I have done is cut back on the news because I don’t like the way it makes me feel. Overall I am very careful about what I put in my brain. I generally will have a positive motivational podcast or video playing in my car because I spend so much time in my car and it is a great way to learn and stay focused.

I have to go now but I will have more tips on what I am doing to improve my life tomorrow.

I am so proud of the people that work with me..

I have always liked before and after pictures. However I do not take enough time to look at my own before and afters. In this case, this is a before and after of a job that I did however in other cases I’m actually talking about the before and after picture of my life. I look at how God has blessed me to change my life from being a depressed sad person to being a happily married mom of two beautiful little girls. I know that this happened because of discipline, consistency and hard work but it also happened because I made a choice that I wanted my latter to be better than my former. I made a choice to clean up the debris in my life.

I am in the tree care industry and as such I take people’s tree problems and I make them go away. I look at my life and I realize that is exactly what I had to do in my life. I had to find a way to make my problems go away or change how I thought of my problem so that those problems would become stepping stones to a brighter future. I truly believe that most of us can look at our life and see that there have been good times and bad times and I would venture to say that many of the good times that we’ve had is a result of the work that we did to make our lives better. Right now my focus is my business and my health and I’ve seen dramatic changes in my business over the last few months because I have decided to take on my challenges head-on and work on being more disciplined and consistent with following up with customers, making sure my invoicing is correct and marketing and promoting my business. That work has turned into more sales and more exposure for my company. I have also done the same thing in my personal life meaning my health and fitness. I have made a concerted effort to eat cleaner, excercise and intermittent fasting to help my system recover from years of abuse. I’ve never done drugs but many experts have explained that sugar is a drug and I believe that I had some sort of sugar addiction. That addiction turned into some insulin instability or possible issues with my thyroid. I have reversed all of these issues with the way I eat. I cannot stress enough how important it is to eat organic fruits and vegetables and stay away from meat and dairy as much as possible.

I know I still have a long way to go but I am so proud of the progress that I have made.

I truly believe with discipline and consistency all of us can have beautiful before and after pictures of our life:)

Still at it!

I have not forgotten! I am still on my journey. This weight loss is coming off but it’s a little slow right now cuz I dropped the ball in a few areas but I just want to give you guys an update but I’m still eating clean and working on my challenges 🙂