Nothing to tell

I have been at a conference and they did not have a scale in my room however I did eat pretty healthy and I feel good so I’ll give you update on my weight tomorrow. Love you!

207…a loss I am proud of!

I meant to mention this earlier today but I got busy. I want to make sure that I did not want to end the day without sharing this with you since I have invited you on this journey with me. Have a awesome evening 🙂

This food thing

I love food however something has shifted in me. I had a green smoothie for breakfast, a salmon burger for lunch and I will have a green smoothie for dinner. I am not struggling to do this. This is actually what I am craving. For a week I have not had American food because I was in another country and now my cravings for salt and sugar have subside. Food is my buddy however I am more comfortable realizing that food is really just fuel and if I put good fuel in my body I will have sustained energy. I will also have better mental clarity through out the day. It is amazing how when you actually make a decision and make a mental shift things become clearer and easier. This food thing is real❤️