I Feel Great!

Today was absolutely amazing. Nothing particular spectacular happened today. However today felt special because the results of staying more consistent with eating clean, getting sleep, exercising and choosing not to worry about business stuff paid off with me having more energy and clarity in my thinking. I volunteer to teach a 3rd grade class at church and I was not tired by the end of class. I came home ate a healthy lunch (large green salad with veggies on top) then I worked out for an hour(3pm dance jam class at Lifetime with Roz and Audrey…they rock!). Then a friend was at the gym after class and invited me to play squash. I played squash for an hour (ridiculously amazing workout). Then I came home and made a healthy homemade dinner and hung out with my husband and kids and watched the original Karate Kid!! Ralph Machio was “the man” back in the day. I know for a fact that if this had been a few months ago I would not have had the energy to be fully engaged in these activities because my eating habits and my exercise routine were inconsistent. I hope that seeing how many times I have tried and failed at getting fit that others like myself will come to realize that it doesn’t matter how many times you try and fail because in life you really never fail until you give up and I can assure you I will never ever give up and neither will you!!! Rock on!

What an interesting last few days

190.5 today so I am feeling pretty good. I ate clean today and yesterday but I must admit that I did royally mess up over the weekend or was it Monday. No actually it was Tuesday that I absolutely gorged myself on bbq brisket. I was so sneaky about it that I dropped my family off at the park and told them I had to run and errand(which I did) but what I failed to tell them was that I also wanted to pig out with feeling like a failure. But you know what even though they did not know, I still felt like a failure because I am actually harder on myself than anybody else. I got over feeling bad very quickly because I have learned in the past that feeling bad only leads to bad choices and it also feeling bad is a catalyst for more bad things to happen in life. It really is true our lives are a product of our thoughts. Therefore I chose to pick myself up and keep going. I did not use the term start over because I do not feel I am starting over. I feel like this is just part of the journey.

Feeling good but…

I am feeling pretty good so far. I was hoping that the scale would move again today but it did not. That is ok. I went to Zumba class yesterday and had a really good sweat. I feel lighter even though the scale did not move. I am still 190.5 but it is also “that time of the month” so I am not to freaked out. I guess I feel good because usually when I get my period my weight fluctuates up about 3 to 5lbs but this time that did not happen and I think that is because I am exercising and eating clean. This morning I had oatmeal with raspberries and gluten free granola(Trader Joe’s) with a cup of coffee sweetened with vanilla soymilk. Life is good so live it:)